Basic Subscriber QI Map Search - Project 1 Entries

As a Basic subscriber to our website, you are invited to post your perinatal QI Project(s) to the perinatal QI Project Maps.

You are also invited to search the perinatal QI Project Maps to find some basic information about Perinatal QI Projects posted by others.

The Basic subscriber map search options are:

  • Country
  • State or Province (Location)
  • Perinatal QI Project Category or Type

Subscribe at the Premium level to expand your search capabilities to include:

  • Country
  • State or Province (Location)
  • Perinatal QI Project Category or Type
  • Perinatal QI Project Aims, Goals or Objectives
  • Date Perinatal QI Project Began
  • Implementation Tactics
  • QI Tips and Lessons Learned
  • Implementation Facilitators
  • Implementation Barriers
  • Description of the Perinatal QI Project Results

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Please note that the Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement does not independently verify the information entered on the PQI Map. We rely on subscribers to keep their information up-to-date. In addition, Perinatal QI projects may be at different implementation stages. This means it is possible that not all of the fields will be completed on all posted projects.

Project 1 - Perinatal QI Project Category or Type

You may search using the listed Perinatal QI Project categories or types (and others if desired). Basic subscribers have limited search capability.