PQI Action Briefs
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PQI Action Briefs are designed to:

  • Help keep staff engaged in QI
  • Save time
  • Help identify potential perinatal quality and safety blind spots in your organization

Each Action Brief includes:

  • A Case Study (in a Power Point presentation that can be customized to the needs of your facility)*
  • A Facilitator's Guide
  • An Action Template (a step-by-step guide to walk you through developing your facility specific MAP-IT QI Action Plan)* 
  • Case specific QI Tools, e.g., a sample Driver Diagram, a sample Logic Model


Premium Subscriptions include two PQI Action Briefs per year. Learn more about pricing and benefits.


Members only

Action Brief Community: Action Brief 1.1 Postpartum Hemorrhage

Action Brief Community: Action Brief 2.1 Neonatal Resuscitation

Action Brief Community: Action Brief 3.1 Maternal Risk Appropriate Care

Action Brief Community: QI Action Brief 4.1 Delayed Cord Clamping



*Please note that Individual Health Professionals for PQI (RNs, MDs, Midwives or other Health Professionals) are able to use the Action Briefs for their own individual benefit, but in their case, the Action Briefs are not to be shared with other colleagues. Only Premium Facility subscribers are licensed to use the Action Briefs as training tools for colleagues and others within their organization.