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Welcome to PQI Champions FREE Webinar Series.


The next upcoming webinar in the PQI Champions Webinar Series is described here:



Click here to learn more about this webinar: Strategies for Improving Debriefing as a Team


 The PQI Champions Webinar Series Library

Strategies for Improving Debriefing as a Team    Dr. Peter Bernstein    July 23, 2019    More information
Implementing Best Practice PPH Bundle Across Multiple Birthing Facilities in Your Healthcare System   LaShea Wattie     April 16, 2019     More information 
Improving Opioid Prescribing During and After Pregnancy   Dr. Brian T. Bateman    October 31, 2018     More information 

Quality Improvement for Hospitals Implementing the Baby Friendly Guidelines 

  Mary Ellen Boisvert    August 7, 2018    More information 
#SpeakUp for African American and Black Mothers    Dr. Debra Bingham    June 13, 2018   More information 
Amniotic Fluid Embolism: Research and Resources Update   Miranda Klassen    April 10, 2018    More information 
Perinatal Quality Improvement Utilizing Telehealth and Connected Health   Dr. Sarah Rhoads   February 6, 2018    More information