Premium Subscription Pricing
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ACE your organization’s perinatal safety and quality challenges.

Become a PQI Premium Hospital subscriber! 


Assess Safety and Quality Blind Spots

  • Obtain two Action Briefs a year (one maternal and one neonatal). Each Action Brief contains an Action Plan Template that is based on the case presentation. The Action Plan Template can be customized to best meet the needs of your facility.

Each Action Plan Template includes:

1) A step-by-step guide to help you assess your facility's safety and quality blind spots.

2) An example Logic Model for each Action Brief case study.

3) An example Driver Diagram for each Action Brief case study.

4) An invitation to participate in two Action Brief Webinars a year. During these webinars, the case study slide set will be presented and tips for utilizing the components of the Action Brief will be discussed. Note: These webinars will be recorded and can be viewed as many times as you would like. 

  Compare the cost of the annual PQI Premium subscription to hiring an 

  expert to perform an in-person assessment at the rate of $5,000 - $30,000. 


Collaborate on Safety and Quality Improvement (QI) Projects by searching the QI Project Maps

  • Premium subscribers can search both Basic and Premium subscriber QI Project Map entries.

  • Premium search criteria* include:  Facility contact person(s), project type, implementation tactics, implementation tips, QI project goals and more. 

No other organization offers the ability to map your Perinatal QI Projects and easily connect with others who are working on similar QI Projects.


Educate the clinicians who work at your facility about key concepts in Perinatal Safety and Quality

Each Action Brief includes a powerpoint slide set with a case study (two per year - one maternal and one neonatal). The slides also reinforce key quality and safety concepts.

  • The powerpoint slide sets can be used to educate all of the clinicians (RNs, Physicians, Midwives, etc.) who work at your facility.

  • You can customize the presentations to meet the specific needs of your facility.  

  • Get the latest information to all of your staff at the time and in the manner that works best for you and your team!

  • Receive priority for hosting a PQI Conference at your facility.

Compare the costs of subscribing to the PQI Action Briefs to the costs of paying $30 to $50 per staff member to take on-line education or paying approximately $1,000 for one person to attend an in-person conference ($175 registration plus travel costs).


QI Saves Lives!


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 Table Comparing the Costs of One Year and Two Year Subscriptions:

 Volume of Births (the prior year)    # of Seat Licenses    One Year Subscription (Introductory Offer)    Approximate Price per Staff as low as:   

 Two Year Subscription -Best Value (Saves 15% off regular price)

 1-999    up to 3    $488
   $9.75 per clinician (50 clinicians)    $830 ($976)              
 1,000-2,999    up to 6    $938
 $9.35 per clinician (100 clinicians)
 $1,595 ($1,876)
 3,000 or more    up to 12    $1,768    $8.84 per clinician (200 clinicians)    $3,000 ($3,536)

Discounts Available: 

  • Staff at hospitals with a Premium subscription get an additional 15% discount off PQI conference registration fees.

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Contact us at for further discounts if you are part of a multi-hospital system and more than one hospital is subscribing.



*The information contained in the PQI Maps will vary based on what the Basic and Premium subscribers include. The Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information entered into the Maps.

**The price per staff is an estimate. For hospitals with 1-999 births per year, staff estimates are 25-50 clinicians; for 1,000-2,999 births per year we are estimating 51-100 clinicians; and for greater than 3,000 births per year, estimates are 101-200 clinicians. The per staff price shown is based on the highest estimate.  Your actual per staff pricing will likely vary from the estimates shown.

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