SPEAK UP Against Racism
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Unacceptable Fact:  In the United States, during 2011-2013 Black women were more than three times more likely to die when giving birth than White women. The pregnancy-related mortality ratio was 43.5 per 100,000 live births for Black women compared to 12.7 pregnancy-related deaths per 100,000 live births for White women.

Implicit and Explicit Bias SPEAK UP Training


PLEDGE to SPEAK UP for Black women.


 By filling out the form below. You agree to:

Set limits. Only allow racially respectful speech and actions in your work space. #NotOnMyWatch
Practice and prepare. Plan how you will act if you see or hear someone being treated or referred to disrespectfully.
Express your concerns. Discuss, but do not blame others.
Apologize if you said or did something that others find hurtful.
Keep improving. Be mindful and willing to become aware of your unconscious biases.
Uncover and learn from disrespectful comments and actions, including "jokes".
Persuade others to SPEAK UP!


Click here to access the "Speak Up for African American and Black Mothers" webinar.


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