Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement (PQI) State Coordinator

Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement (PQI) State Coordinator

 Category:  Volunteer Leadership Position (1-2 year rolling appointment)

Position Description:  The PQI State Coordinator agrees to support PQI’s efforts to expand the use of improvement science in the state where they live in order to support PQI’s efforts to eliminate preventable perinatal morbidity and mortality and end perinatal racial and ethnic disparities.

 Eligibility Criteria:

·       A current or up-to-date Health Professional (RN, MD, Midwife, or Other Health Professional) for PQI subscription

·       Entered at least one QI Project into the PQI Maps (

·       Submitted a copy of your CV or resume and a short statement to (less than 1,000 words) that includes information about

o   Why you want to be the PQI State Coordinator

o   What strengths you will bring to this role

o   How you will recruit others to become involved in PQI, e.g., enter their QI Projects onto the maps

o   How you have or will encourage the use of improvement science among perinatal health professionals in your state

o   2 professional references

·       Currently actively working to improve perinatal care in their state

·       2 references from perinatal health professionals in your state  


·       Attend the 4 PQI State Coordinator teleconference meetings each year.  Meetings in 2018 are scheduled to be via teleconference at 1pm on: 2/13/18, 5/15/18, 9/18/18, and 11/13/18. Note: These dates and times may need to be adjusted based on the needs of the group.

·       Share information about PQI’s free webinars, PQI Blog, QI Maps, Action Briefs, PQI conferences, and other resources at national and local meetings. Note: state coordinators will be provided with a set of slides that they can utilize for these purposes.

·       Each quarter help at least 3 leaders enter QI projects onto the QI Maps (A total of 12 per year).

·       Submit a write-up that profiles a QI leader in their state. The profiles are due on 7/1/18 and 12/1/18.

·       Provide peer mentoring as needed for the use of the PQI Action Briefs.

·       Expand the list of health professionals who receive the PQI updates.

·       Recommend host organizations for the Implementing Perinatal Quality Improvement conference.

·       Identify Perinatal QI experts in your state who may be interested in applying to become a PQI Instructor.


·       PQI State Coordinators will meet and work with other Perinatal QI leaders in their state and throughout the United States

·       Expand their leadership profile and expertise.

·       Be given priority to attend a PQI Instructor-Trainer or Instructor Program

 Applications will be reviewed by members of the PQI Advisory Boards. PQI staff strive to notify all applicants of the decision within 1 month of receipt of a completed application.