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COVID-19 Recommendations from the New Jersey Perinatal Care Work Group

Tuesday, June 2, 2020  
Posted by: Amanda Powell, PQI Project Manager
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Recommendations of the New Jersey Perinatal Care During COVID-19 Work Group


Debra Bingham, founder and Executive Director of PQI, was asked to contribute her expertise to support New Jersey in their creation of a recommendations report for perinatal care during COVID-19.This report is comprised of actions and procedures clinical teams can follow during this pandemic for their patients to have the best outcomes. Shared decision making and informed consent are a priority within the recommendations as well.


"The Recommendations place a special emphasis on keeping pregnant individuals and their health care providers safe in the following areas:

  • Safety and accommodations during prenatal visits
  • How to keep patients apprised of changes in protocols, including when arriving at the birthing facility to deliver
  • Protocols for COVID-19 testing of pregnant individuals
  • Ways to support patients through labor and delivery when there are limitations on the number of support persons who can be with them in-person
  • Protocols for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients
  • Breastfeeding advice for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients
  • Consideration of resources and support needed postpartum when hospital discharges may occur more quickly and access to supplies and food can be more challenging"


We invite you to view the document and share it widely. The document will be updated weekly by the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute.


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