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PQI Introduces Intermittent Auscultation Online, Simulation-Based Education

Monday, December 16, 2019  
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PQI is proud to introduce an interactive, simulation-based online education on Intermittent Auscultation. Based on ongoing feedback after publishing Beth Stephens-Hennessy's PQI Profile in July, Reducing the NTSV Cesarean Birth Rate by Implementing Intermittent Auscultation, the PQI team developed this module to meet the needs of its subscribers and filling a gap in the online educational marketplace for training on the topic.


Intermittent auscultation (IA) promotes freedom of movement and is an evidence-based method of fetal assessment in low-risk labor. Research shows increased use of IA can support efforts to safely reduce cesarean birth rates. Despite its importance, many clinical team members lack the training and confidence to safely perform and interpret IA.


This program, developed by PQI, provides interactive, simulation-based training and competency assessment, and is designed to teach nurses, midwives, and physicians together. The IA education program covers:


  • The evidence related to IA
  • The correct technique to perform and document IA
  • Interpretation and management of IA findings
  • Simulated IA practice


PREVIEW WEBINAR: January 22, 2020 from 12pm-1pm EDT. Register.




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