Helping perinatal health professionals expand their use of improvement science to eliminate preventable perinatal injuries and deaths. 


Mothers and newborns depend on quality improvement (QI) leaders to implement safety bundles and other evidence-based care practices. However, leading and implementing QI initiatives can be challenging. 

PQI has developed the following solutions to address four common challenges QI leaders encounter.

Challenge 1: Collaborating with other perinatal Quality Improvement (QI) leaders
The Perinatal QI Project Maps are a NEW and INNOVATIVE way for QI leaders throughout the world to communicate and collaborate with each other. Be one of the first perinatal QI Leaders to put a project (or two) on the Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement (PQI) QI Project Maps.

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Challenge 2: Keeping staff engaged in QI Projects                   The PQI Action Briefs are designed to help keep staff engaged, save time, and help identify perinatal quality and safety blind spots in facilities where women give birth. Each Action Brief includes a Case Study (in a Power Point slide set that can be customized), discussion notes for the facilitator and an Action Template.

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Challenge 3: Keeping up-to-date on QI methods that really work
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Challenge 4: Knowing how to lead a QI effort

Whether you are an expert at QI or a novice – you do not have to be alone on your journey to improve perinatal outcomes. Consult with PQI experts. Host a PQI Implementing Perinatal Quality Improvement conference.

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Action Brief 2.1: Neonatal Resuscitation

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